Customer data is the most important source of information that a business has!

This very rich information is often dormant ... are you using your customer data to its full potential?


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Founded by Guy Mercier,

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MMBD offers cutting-edge expertise in analytical marketing (Python, R, SAS), including enrichment, modelling and data analysis transactional, data compiled from different contact points and customer interaction.

Customer data is omnipresent

  • Invoices, transactions and data from contact points with the clientele ... the « touchpoints »
  • Data from Geolocation mapping and where customers come from
  • Data from the telephone call register (incoming, outgoing) of customer service
  • Chronological data of inventories (SKU) and movements of store customers
  • Data, traces of our daily newspaper compiled from social media
  • Visitor data on your WEB site IP geolocation and domain name
  • Data from your direct marketing campaigns, mailings and flyers, etc.

In fact, what data should we prioritize?

What types of analyzes are useful and profitable in the short and medium term?

How much does it all cost?

Faced with these unknowns, it is important to keep our bearings firmly anchored in our business reality ...

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Trend: Change in sales by industry (%)


Industry sample, Seasonally adjusted data — April 2020 vs April 2019

Source : Statistics Canada

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