Average age by first name

The model presents the average age of first names and various useful parameters. This type of information makes it possible to select the best prospects for a computerized list. For example in this case, if you are addressing French nationals, targeting more female or male customers young or older you should choose the matching first names to your target group by gender, average age and stable variance, etc.

First name : Abbas Sex : Male
8 people between 18 and 80 years old listed in France with this first name First name popularity index : 0.0001
Middle age : 55.75 ans Standard deviation of age : 1.04
Department with the highest occurrence of the first name Abbas : Paris ID : 4

Lower limit range 54.71 Lower standard deviation score
Middle age 55.75 Average age rating
Upper limit range 56.79 Higher standard deviation score

In green, the lower range of 54.71 years corresponds to the average age of this first name (55.75 years) minus one standard deviation 1.04
In blue, the middle age 55.75 years associated with people with first name Abbas and listed by gender male
In red, the upper range of 56.79 years corresponds to the average age of this first name (55.75 years) plus one standard deviation 1.04

Normal distribution estimate; expected result seven times in ten (P ~ 0.68) for a French national aged between 18 and 80 years. In the case of mixed first names, both female and male, we retains only the epicene first name with the highest occurrence. PAL.