Your customer data is the most important source of information at your disposal !

This information of great wealth is often dormant ... are you using your customer data to their full potential?


Customer Interaction Experience (Demo)

Corporate Mission

Founded in 2005 by Guy Mercier, MMBD offers professional Data Analytics services (Python, R, SAS), including the enrichment, modeling and analysis of transactional data, compiled data from customers touchpoints interactions.

Customer data is everywhere

  • Invoices, transactions and data from customer contact points... "touchpoints"
  • Customer Geolocation and data mapping
  • Customer Phone Calls Registry Data (inbound, outbound)
  • Inventory chronological Data (SKU) and in-store movements
  • The compiled Data Traces of our daily and social media life
  • Visitor Data on your website IP & domain name Geolocation
  • Data from your direct marketing campaigns, mailings, circulars, flyers, etc.

In fact, what data should be prioritized?

What types of analysis are useful and profitable in the short and medium term?

How much does it cost?

Faced with these unknowns, it is important to keep your landmarks bearings firmly anchored to your business reality...

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Industry sample, Seasonally adjusted data — June 2018 to June 2019

Source: Statistics Canada 

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Analytics or data analytics is part of the business intelligence process. Do you use this information in an intelligent way ... make your data talk.