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Founded in 2005 by Guy Mercier, MMBD offers state-of-the-art analytical marketing expertise (Python, R, SAS), including enrichment, analysis and modelling of customer transactional data, compiled data from customers touchpoints interactions.

Analytical Marketing Expertise

Mr. Mercier has been involved in marketing research and data modeling for over 25 years.

Photo Guy Mercier
Guy Mercier

Mr. Guy Mercier holds a master's degree in economics and a bachelor's degree in industrial relations. He has chaired the Quebec chapter of the Professional Association in Marketing Research (APRM) from 1999 to 2000 and was a member of the panel of expert advisors in survey of the Association of Relationship Marketing (AMR).

Laureate of the Marketing Personality Award 2004 of the Marketing Association of Montreal, category "Advancement of Science Marketing", for the development of the model .

Mr. Mercier acted as guest lecturer at the Alliance numériQC Conference: "How to identify potential markets", and invited by the International Institute of Research, subject: "Marketing exploitation of your DataBase".

Numeric Marketing Expertise (CX)

Exceptional partner, Barry Ellison is recognized in the banking world for his approach as an innovator, Mr. Barry Ellison has developed over the last 22 years many marketing strategies combining both emerging technologies (digital / Web) and basic strategic information. data. These approaches have optimized the various aspects of communications during integrated marketing campaigns. Photo Barry Ellison

Barry Ellisons


Prior to his position at the Marketing Department of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Mr. Ellison worked at LoyaltyOne (Air Miles) as a marketing and loyalty program specialist with a broad portfolio of Quebec companies including RONA, Jean Coutu and IGA.

He has also worked in similar positions at National Bank, Desjardins, CIBC and as a consultant at Rapp Worldwide. Mr. Ellison holds a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Arts, Sociology option; also author of several articles and publications in specialized journals.

To know how to listen is to possess... the brain of others (Leonardo da Vinci)

The data of the clientele is of multiple origin, often compiled in places unknown and rarely documented. Where do we start? What information is most useful? How can we identify, combine and enrich them? How to highlight them and get as much relevant information as possible, useful both for day-to-day operations and for guiding business strategies and tactics?

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It's difficult to find the right answer if we don't formulate the right question.

That said, it's the client, it's you, your employees, the people you work with every day who have the elements to identify and formulate the right questions. Once this information is in hand, we propose a complete plan including: getting the right objectives, the methodology, the analytical tools to use and the deliverable.


In the context of diversified mandates, MMBD has forged over the years business relationships with leading service companies that allow us to better complement our commercial expertise.

  • Yves Déziel Segma Recherche
  • Segma Recherche

    For more than 20 years, Segma Research has been providing research and survey services to many public and private organizations:

    Opinion polls, market research, customer satisfaction assessment, data collection and analysis as part of program evaluations. Mr. Déziel has worked in the field of marketing research for more than 30 years.

  • Joël Paquin - Paquin Recherche & Associés inc.
  • Paquin Recherche et associés

    Since 2004, Paquin Research and Associates Inc. is a recognized research company in retail, specializing in market potential and location studies for new businesses. Our expertise will help you reduce the risk of your investment projects, thanks to our in-depth market analysis and our trading experience. Our clients are retail chains as well as independent traders.

    Analytics or data analytics is part of the business intelligence process. Do you use this information in an intelligent way ... make your data talk.