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Among the training elements offered, mention is made of the programming of tools for the input and analysis of Geolocation & mapping of clientele.

Also useful Geolocation IP and domain name.

For a free evaluation of our data analysis consulting services or a reference from our clients for whom we have carried out a data analysis mandate. you can send us a Note and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Customer Interaction Experience (Demo)

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Customer data is the most powerful source of information available to a company.

We are not always aware of the amount of information that we are automatically transmitting without knowing, simply by clicking on an internet link. Here's a sample of the data HTTP Request-Response you just transmitted.

Plus, enriching your data can dramatically increase its tactical and strategic value. A small example of the use of a list that at first glance may seem innocuous ... how can we use our customers first names to generate enrich and profitable information?

In many cases, knowing the age of your clients is required to better understand their profile, habits and purchasing preferences ... useful to meet their needs, but also to target the best potential customers, and to match the good products and promotion with the right customers. ...

The following link presents a targeted sample of age cohorts of French first names; the database was generated from the 2015 census data (INSEE). This sample gives you a preview of the information that can be drawn from your first names PAL.

In fact, age inference is an interesting approach, but there is a lot of external data that can be used to enrich your client database ... to segment it and model it in order to derive a wealth of new information...

First names have always been a fascinating source of information about customs and identities. Numerology according to the definition of Wikipedia is a set of beliefs and practices based on the allocation of properties to numbers ...

For fun, we set up a small numerology module. So if you want to consult your Numerology profile.

Lastly, one day or another we all want to change places with someone else, to live another life ... Would you like to live the experience... living a dog's life in New York City? Here's your chance :-) Dog Life.

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Analytics or data analytics is part of the business intelligence process. Do you use this information in an intelligent way ... make your data talk.